Jan 19, 2010

Just a little fun!!!

Kenley and Nelson love to sing. We say they take after Aunt Amy. Kenley sing Jingle Bells All the wayyyyyyyyyy!!

My little rapper!!!

Jan 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!!

A New Year and more blogging!!

I plan to update once a week this year!! The month of December was a great time of year. The kids loved everything Christmas, christmas lights, presents, baby jesus, singing.

We took a road trip to Athens to see the Christmas lights. We all piled in Aunt Rachael's Mini Van and rolled down the windows and got in the christmas spirit. The Cannon's came along to and we had dinner with 8 kids fun!!

Kenley was out as soon as we hit the road for the hour and half drive. Nelson just chilled in the back. We usually drive the Jeep but we took the Mercedes so Nelson didn't have his DVD to watch.

One weekend we baked cookies for Santa!! What a mess with 3 two year olds and a tween. Don't for get Daddy too!!

Then came Christmas and DFW got snow on Christmas Eve.

We put on are Pj's and got ready for bed and waited for Christmas morning to arrive.

Nov 17, 2009

2nd Birthday

I wondered how I was going to get everything done but Rachael came to save the day and we got it all done.

Waiting on the guest to arrive. All dressed up for their Elmo Party.

The table with our Elmo cupcakes. We ordered them from the bakery just plain red and the we added the face.

A little overwhelmed with what was going on.

Oct 14, 2009

Almost 2!

Kenley and Nelson will be two in a week!! Amazing how time flies!!! Everyone told me to enjoy it because it goes by fast!! We have been so busy the last two months. Kenley started dance and is the youngest at the studio! She has already had a performance this past weekend!!! She takes with Tatum and Big Kynlee. Nelson would probably enjoy it but he would distract the class with his crazy little boy self!!! We had there two year old pics made. They turned out awesome.

Here are few thing we've done in the last few weeks!
Six Flags, The Wiggle Play Center, Midlothian Homecoming Parade, Midlothian Fall Festival

You can't leave Six Flags with out a Pink Thing!!


Big Kynlee and Little Kenley at the Wiggles!!!

I promise to post more often!!! Back next week to post Birthday pics!!

Aug 19, 2009

On the go....

So we started our Friday with a playdate at Abbey's an indoor playground we love!!! We met up with Sarah so she could gather up all my coupons and get them organized for the Double up to a dollar sale at Krogers!!!
Friday it was Mom's Night Out it was just a night at Rachael's with some girlfriends and we had a blast. I pulled into the Garage at 12:30 am to turn around a pull out at 5:00 am to meet Sarah for our Coupon Trip!!! IT was so much fun and would have been better if I didn't have to get home , So Abel could go into the office. He came home and let me run off with my sister for the afternoon to get stuff to make the kid's nap mats for school.
Have you noticed I haven't stopped yet.... Saturday it was off to THe Smith's for a Shrimp boil the kids had fun chasing all the big kids!! We were home and in bed by 9:30.
Abel woke up with the twins, shut the bedroom door and let me to sleep till 10:30. I'm not sure when I slept that late. He had breakfast ready and everything when I emerged from my room. What a great weekend!!

Aug 2, 2009

A Long Week!!

Our week started with the loss of my grandmother on July 24th. She will be missed but in such a better place. We visited with so many people from the past!!! Then came the Target Toy Clearance. We have been waiting for it for weeks!! I was scared I would miss it!I spent around $100 and have a whole closet worth of toys. I had fun shopping with Sarah and Mandy!! I will need to post some pics once I get a new camera!!